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Vidonn F1 Review

Maybe you are a fitness lover or an athlete or maybe you’re just looking for budget-friendly headphones with great stability. If so then you are in the right place.

Have you ever wanted to enjoy listening to your favorite song while doing sports activities without sacrificing situational awareness?

If so, then I have a perfect pair of headphones for you. And they are the Vidonn F1 titanium wireless bone-conduction headphones.

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Therefore, I am here with my Vidonn F1 review today. Stay with me to explore it.

Vidonn F1 Review: Bone Conduction Headphone

I will try to cover all the subjects needed to describe a headphone, like its specs and pros and cons, sound profile, comfortability, controlling system, build quality, battery and Bluetooth details, and many more.

At the starting of the review, let’s see this headphone in the blink of an eye.

At A Glance

  • Outdoor listening via bone conduction technology with situational awareness.
  • CVC noise reduction technology for high-quality voice calls.
  • Minimum sound leakage at normal volume.
  • 180 mAh lithium battery with up to 6 hours of playtime.
  • Ergonomic and anti-drop design with increased stability.
  • Easy controlling system.

Release your ears and enjoy listening in a safe and healthy way with Vidonn F1 bone conduction headphones. It transmits sound through the bone near the external canal to the auditory nerve. So, there is no risk of eardrum damage or hearing loss.

Have you ever heard about the brand Vidonn? Let’s know about this brand in brief at this point.

Brand Overview

Vidonn is a Chinese company that was founded in 2013 as Shenzhen Vidonn IT Company Ltd. The company focuses on designing, research, and developing smart, portable, and innovative high-tech products. Vidonn has made a good impression and gained quite some attention from the start.

Vidonn F1 titanium open ear wireless sports headset is one of the products of this high-quality Chinese brand.

When you receive the Vidonn F1, the packaging must leave a good impression on you. The headphone is packed in a lovely box. It also has a magnetic opening flap. See what they deliver in the box.

Vidonn F1

In The Box

After unboxing, you can have your:-

  • Vidonn F1 bone conduction headphone.
  • USB charging cable.
  • A pair of earplug and
  • Vidonn F1 manual.

The headphone is firmly placed in a plastic holder to maintain safety.

Before getting immersed in my Vidon F1 review, I am going to mention some specs and pros-cons of these jawbone headphones.

Key Specifications

  • Type: Open ear.
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth.
  • Driver unit: 15.3 mm.
  • Color: Black-Yellow, Black-Blue, Grey.
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz.
  • Impedance: 8Ω±15%.
  • Weight: 1.34 ounces.
  • Dimension : 5.12 x 4.53 x 2.56 inches.
  • Wireless Range: 33 Feet.
  • Headphone Jack: Micro-USB.


  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Very flexible yet highly durable.
  • Highly affordable.
  • IP55 ratings to resist light rain and sweat.


  • The sound and bass are less dynamic.
  • It may not fit comfortably on smaller heads.

You are going to buy a new pair of headphones. So, its comfortability must be a great concern for you.

Is It Comfortable Or Not?

I have already said that Vidonn f1 titanium wireless bone-conduction headphones are extremely lightweight and comfortable. I am quite confident that you won’t have any issues with the comfort of this headphone. They sit in place perfectly. You will feel comfortable as soon as you wear the neckband.

The frame is stiff on the side and flexible at the back. But the side stiffness is not irritating at any point as the headphone clamps gently against the head. Even, you will feel comfortable after wearing it for 2 hours. Even you won’t feel that you are wearing something.

Don’t worry if you are a glass user or if you wear a helmet. This Vidonn F1 doesn’t interfere with any of them.

The only downside they are not well-fitted headphones for people with smaller heads.

Otherwise, this is a headset that can go head to head with some of the big-budget ones in the market in terms of comfort and weight.

Maybe you are curious about the sound quality of this bone conduction headphone. Well, I want to say that you shouldn’t expect high-quality or premium sound from a bone conduction headphone.

Anyway, I am going to discuss its sound profile right now. Take your eyes below to know the details.

Sound Profile Of Vidonn F1 Bone Conduction Headphone

The sound quality is not exceptional but it is acceptable as a bone conduction headphone.

This headphone will give you a more natural and mediocre sound that is pleasant to listen and enjoyable to use. The bass is less dynamic and less deep, though. It might be a little bit better but overall, the sound quality is not disappointing either.

The frequency response of these Vidonn F1 headphones ranges from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Does It Leak Any Sound?

The sound leakage performance of the Vidonn F1 headphone is pretty good. You have already known that they leak almost no sound at moderate volume.

However, they spread some sound at higher volume but nothing extreme.

A more powerful bass could be something to consider for the next version of Vidonn F1 titanium wireless bone-conduction headphones.

Noise Cancellation Or Noise Isolation Feature

Bone conduction headphones generally don’t have any noise-canceling or isolation feature. They are specially designed for outdoor listening or sports activities like running, cycling, biking, skiing, hiking, etc.

Bone conduction technology allows you to hear what is going on around you. Alongside, you can enjoy the music so that you can avoid any accidents happening outside.

Hence, any noise cancellation or noise isolation feature cannot be expected in bone conduction headphones.

Are you worried about the control system of this headset? Don’t worry then. Vidonn f1 titanium wireless sports headset has a straightforward controlling system.

How To Control It?

The right side of the headphone has all the control. There is a multifunction button on the right earbud to execute the following command:

You can also find a volume up and a volume down button on the right side of the neckband.

The volume up button also works as the power button. You can turn on and off this headset by pressing down this button for 3 seconds.

Now, I will let you know about the microphone of these bone conduction headphones.

How Is The Microphone?

The Vidonn F1 manages to filter the ambient noise. It enhances the conversation quality and the phone calls sound clear too.

The CVC noise reduction filter in them makes your voice clearly transmitted and understandable.

The built-in microphone also supports hand-free calls. You can keep your hands free from answering calls during exercise.

The build quality and the design of a headphone influence you a lot when purchasing a new one. Hence, I am going to describe them in the below section.

Build Quality

The build quality of Vidonn f1 is very strong and durable. They are made of high-end elastic titanium. This titanium alloy makes them soft and highly bendable. It also grants their excellent durability that is perfect for high-intensity sports purposes.

They provide a 12 months warranty to ensure the enjoyment of your purchase.

Style Or Design

These headphones come up with multiple color options- Gray, blue and yellow. You can pick your favorite one among them.

The ergonomic, streamlined design of these headphones is quite lovely and eye-catching. They have a slightly wavy structure and beautifully furnished speakers. You can smell a sporty flavor in them too.

Let’s go to their portability and stability now.

Are They Portable?

Their titanium wraparound headband is super lightweight and flexible. That’s why these headphones are fabulous for portability.

How Much Stable?

The anti-drop design of Vidonn f1 makes it stable while wearing.

You can do sports freely without any worries of falling down. They won’t move or bounce a bit even in times of intense physical activities.

Is Vidonn F1 Waterproof?

These bone conduction headphones have IP55 ratings to protect against light rain and sweat for sports.

Are you eager to have an idea about its battery? If so, then have a look below. I am going to disclose it there.

Battery Details

This headset houses a 180 mAh lithium polymer battery with up to 6 hours of playtime on a full charge. The standby time can last up to 10 days. It takes 2 hours to charge fully.

You have to use the micro USB charging cable to charge the headphone. Red LED means it’s charging. The LED indicator turns blue when the charging is complete.

I am talking about a wireless Bluetooth headphone but I haven’t said anything about its Bluetooth yet. Anyway, Let’s go for it without any further delay.

Bluetooth Details

Vidonn f1 titanium wireless bone-conduction headphones have Bluetooth 4.1 version. Some selling platforms claim they are equipped with 5.0 versions, though. You can experience fast wireless pairing and a stable connection with them.

They have a CSR Bluetooth audio scheme that restores HiFi sound. The connectivity provides great sound quality and clarity up to 10 meters or 33 feet.

Anyway, they support the aptX Bluetooth codec.

You can pair this headphone to more than one device simultaneously. It is very handy that you don’t have to unpair your headphones from your phone each time you want to switch devices.

You have to pair it first to enjoy music or phone calls. Don’t you know how to pair it? Okay, no problem. I am going to explain it now.

How Do You Pair Vidonn F1 Headphones?

You have to pair the headphone after turning it off.

If you face any problem, like your headset is not working or cannot be paired, then you have to reset it. Let’s know the process.

How To Reset?

Enable pairing mode by following my given instructions. Then press the multifunction and the volume up button simultaneously for 3 seconds.

The reset is done and your headphone is ready to pair up with any devices.

How To Restore To Factory Settings?

You have to press down both the multifunction and volume down button. Release them after hearing two beeps.

The factory setting is done.

Whether this Vidonn f1 can be used with your devices or not, are you worried thinking that? Don’t worry. I am going to reveal it at once.


Vidonn f1 titanium open ear wireless sports headset is compatible with all iOS and Android devices such as smartphones, tablets, Mac and PC computers, and laptops.

Standard pairing may vary with your mobile devices.

You already have got a vast idea about this bone conduction headphone. But you may still be confused about whether you should purchase it or not. No problem, I am always here with you to remove all your confusion.

Let’s know who should buy it and skipping this headphone is better for whom.

Who Should Give It A Try?

If you are a hardcore workout enthusiast, you will obviously want your headset to stay in place when doing squats, situp, and hitting elliptical machines. I have already said that this headphone has an anti-drop design. So, go for it if you are a true sports lover.

Besides, it is perfect for outdoor listening, like at the time of traveling, biking, running, cycling, and doing other sports activities. This headphone will leave your ears open to keep you aware of your surroundings.

It is also suitable for office use for listening purposes. You can enjoy music and alongside you can stay in touch with what is happening around you.

Moreover, CVC noise-canceling microphone makes it an ideal device for online teaching and zoom meetings.

Who Can Skip It?

Never think of purchasing this headphone for gaming.

Don’t be disappointed if you are a game lover. Try the SteelSeries Arctis 7 Gaming Headset for an amazing gaming experience.

It is not suitable for studio monitoring either. You may go for the budget studio headphone Tascam TH-02.

What if you find any defect in your headset or it gets damaged somehow. You need to know about their customer support in that case.

Customer Support

They asked to contact their customer service center for any issues. If there is any problem with the product, you may get a refund or a new headphone.

Anyway, I want to put a comparative discussion on Vidonn f1 with some other similar headphones in front of you right now. Stay with me to make the right choice.

Compare With Other Headphones

Explore the comparison of our described headphones with Vidonn F3, IKXO, Tayogo, DDJ, EKEN, LonFine Air bone conduction headphones, and SONXTRONIC XDR-8000 headphones.

Vidonn F1 Vs. F3

The Vidonn f3 is one inch shorter than the older F1. So, it is mainly designed for smaller heads.

They also have 2 hours longer battery life.

However, you won’t find any volume button in Vidonn f3. So, you need to keep your phone handy in case you need to adjust the volume.

Vidonn F1 Vs. IKXO Bone Conduction Headphones

IKXO left the traditional headphone design. It has come up with a non-ear plug hanging ear design. This design makes it somewhat more comfortable than the Vidonn f1.

Additionally, it has IPX5 waterproof ratings. Even if the headphone gets washed by rain, there will be no harm.

You can wear these headphones only in a single ear, unlike the Vidonn.

Vidonn f1 Vs. Tayogo Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset

Tayogo bone conduction headphones offer dynamic range. Its deep bass provides a premium sound quality for all music genres. It is totally opposite to Vidonn f1.

Otherwise, both two headphones have the same features and functions.

Vidonn f1 Vs. DDJ Open Ear Bone Conduction Headphones

DDJ is more lightweight (30g) compared to our described one.

This headphone is also suitable for gaming.

You can experience better sound quality in it than the Vidonn f1.

Except for these, both of them are pretty similar.

Vidonn f1 Vs. EKEN Bone Conduction Headphones

EKEN bone conduction headphones come up with noise-proof sponge earplugs.

They have got a fast charging feature too. 15 minutes of charging can support 1 hour of talk time or playtime.

The most convenient and beneficial side of these headphones is hearing aid support for elderly and hearing-impaired people to watch TV, make phone calls, and communicate. It is less efficient for aged ear nerves, though.

All these features are absent in our Vidonn f1.

Vidonn f1 Vs. LonFine Air Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

You will get a magnetic charging cable with LonFine Air.

They have a dual noise-cancelling mic for reducing surrounding noise, while our F1 has CVC noise-canceling mic.

The LonFine Air headphones have side panel touch button controls.

Without these, both the headphones are equal in features and functions.

Vidonn f1 Vs. SONXTRONIC Xdr-8000 Vertical In Ear Ultralight Sport

The extra high-performance magnetic driver of SONXTRONIC XDR-8000 can deliver great sound.

It is ultra-lightweight and more comfortable wearing for an extended period than the Vidonn f1.

You can also use it for gaming and active sports.

Apart from these, both of them have the same role and characteristics.

My comparison part ends here.

You are going to expend some money on a headset. This question may arise in your mind that- is it worth buying or not? I want to inform you of it now.

How Worthy Is It?

This bone conduction headphone releases your ears to listen to the world. You can even respond to the surrounding situation quickly.

While running or cycling on a busy road, you can still hear the outside traffic, horns, and car signals.

Therefore, it is worth buying for outdoor and sports usage. If you don’t want to spend much on a bone-conduction headphone but you still wish to give it a try, these Vidonn f1 titanium wireless bone-conduction headphones are worth buying.

You have gone through my whole Vidonn F1 Titanium bone conduction headphones review. But don’t you wanna buy it? No problem, I would like to suggest some alternative headphones to it then.

Alternative To Vidonn F1 Jawbone Headphones

You can check the following suggestion for an alternative option to Vidonn f1.

  1. Aftershokz Titanium Bone Conduction Wireless Headphones
  2. Aftershokz Air Open Ear Bone Conduction Headphones
  3. Pyle PSWBT550 Open Ear Bone Conduction Headphones

All these three headphones are almost equal to our Vidonn F1.

Let’s conclude the Vidonn F1 review here.


I tried to give an honest review from a neutral point of view. I hope it may help you in choosing your headphones.

Now it depends on you whether you will buy it or not. Lastly, I want to say that always try to focus on your primary concern when purchasing a new headphone.

Thanks for reading this article.

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