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How To Buy One AirPod?

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“Have you lost your one AirPod? AirPod is not working or got damaged?”

Don’t worry! Be Ready to know- “How to buy one AirPod”

If your (left or right) AirPod isn’t working or lost then, you don’t need to be worried anymore. You can still enjoy the songs or can talk by a single AirPod.

Yes!!! Apple made it possible.

But! If you are not enjoying one AirPod or not comfortable with it, you want to buy another pair. Then buying a new pair will not be the right decision. Cause, it may be more costly than buying a single AirPod. 

Lets Know How To Buy One AirPod

So, the tension is over!

You can buy a single AirPod by following the ways. Let’s have a look!!

1. Apple Store :

You can physically go into the Apple Store near your location. From there you can buy a single AirPod.

2. Apple Authorized Store:

If there is no Apple Store near you, you may go to a store that Apple authorizes. This can also be a better option to you.

3. E-commerce Sites:

You are too busy with your daily work? Have no time to go to the store? Ok!! You can still search it on different online e-commerce sites. Nowadays many online stores are selling a single AirPod as well. So, Stay in-home or work in the office.

4. Friends & Family:

You may ask your friends and family members if they have that single AirPod, which you are looking for. Maybe they have lost one or one of their AirPod is not working. So you can take that one AirPod from them.

Need to be careful and do some necessary things while buying a single AirPod.

Is New AirPod Pairing With The Old One?


It won’t be worth buying one AirPod if it doesn’t pair with the other one. You need to check if your existing AirPod is pairing with the new one because there are three versions of AirPod.

  • AirPods (The Original or The First-Generation)
  • AirPods 2 (AirPods 2 or The Second-Generation)
  • AirPods Pro

These 3 versions will not pair with each other. Some reasons behind this are:

The Original AirPods uses a chip which is called the W1.

The Second- Generation AirPods and AirPods Pro use the new proprietary chip called H1.

H1 chip of the new AirPods allows connecting to calls up to 1.5x faster. It provides a more stable wireless connection to Apple devices.

The AirPod Pro and Second-Generation AirPods can invoke Siri handsfree while wearing them into the ear.

But in The First-Generation AirPods,you have to double-tap the earbuds before you talk.

The AirPods (1st Generation) will help you to listen to the audio for up to 3 hours and 1 hour talking on a single charge. 

The AirPods (Second Generation) will provide you up to 2 hours of phone calls and 3 hours of listening.

The AirPods Pro will provide 4.5 hours of listening time on one charge and takes only 5 minutes to get charge the AirPods.

H1 Chip Offers 50% More Talk Time Than W1 Chip.

For your better understanding. I am showing you :-

The differences between AirPods (The First-Generation), AirPods 2 (The Second-Generation), and AirPods Pro.

Topics AirPod (1st Generation) AirPod 2 (2nd Generation) AirPods Pro
  • W1 Chip
  • H1 Chip
  • H1 Chip
Connection to Phone calls
  • W1 is not faster than the H1 chip.
  • H1 chip allows 1.5X faster than W1 chip.
  • 1.5X faster than W1 chip.
  • You have to double-tap the Siri before use.
  • It invokes Siri handsfree, which can control your music or commands when you are busy.
  • AirPods supports hands-free “Hey Siri”, which can control your commands.
Battery Life
  • 3 hours of listening and 1 hour talking on a single charge of 15 minutes.
  • 2 hours of phone calls and 3 hours of listening on a single charge.
  • 4.5 hours of listening time on 5 minutes charge.

Have You Really Lost It?

Hey!! Wait!!! Think Again. I would like to suggest you think again if it is really lost before purchasing the new one. Maybe you can find it.

How Can You Find Only One AirPod?

I’ll let you know how you can find only one AirPod.


If your AirPods are separated in different places, you can see only one location at a time.

Need To Do:


At first, you need to find 1st AirPod, which is showing on your map.


Then put the 1st AirPod into the charging device.


Then reload the map and find the other one.

Here the location of the AirPod which is already in the case will not show on the map. So you can easily find the lost one.

If you are unable to find it. Already I have discussed with you “How can buy one AirPod.” You can buy one by following those steps.

Replace A Missing AirPod

You have decided to go to the Apple Store or Apple Authorized Store. But confused about replacing the missing AirPod. Want to know the process? 

Alright ! The following steps might help you.

How Do You Get The Service?


Set up an appointment with the Apple Service Provider, then bring the AirPod into the store.


Don’t forget to bring the Charging case because they will put the serial number from that.


Also, bring all the necessary documents / original AirPods box.

Feeling tired??? Bored?? Busy with your daily activities?

Nothing to worried about. You can contact Contact Apple Support through their website.


Talk with Apple Support Advisor by phone or online.


Give him/her the serial number of your case, which is on the underside of the lid.


UNABLE TO FIND THE SERIAL NUMBER? You can get it if your AirPods are connected to your IOS device.

Follow: Go To Settings > General > About > AirPods for the serial number

How Long Will The Replacement Take Time To Deliver?

You can receive your replacement of AirPods within a week. It may take more time; it is up to the store.

How To Set Up Your Replaced AirPods?

Did you get your replaced AirPods? Great. Congratulations!! Now a question may arise- “How to set up the new one?

Let’s Know The Steps:


For the very first time, you need to put both AirPods in the charging case.


Then, open the lid and check the status light if it is flashing amber or not.


If it is flashing amber, then press and hold the set-up button for a few seconds. The set-up button you will find on the back of the case. Now the status light should be flashing white


Go to the Home Screen on your Apple device.


It’s time to open the case-with inside the AirPods and hold it next to the Apple device.


Now set-up animation will appear on the screen of your phone or device.


Tap Connect and then tap Done.

Congratulation!! It’s paired with your Apple device now. Enjoy your AirPods again.

Facing Problem???


The status light of your case is not flashing white? Then my suggestion is to connect the case with power or charge. It may need to be charged. Close the lid and wait for 20 minutes.


After 20 minutes, again open the lid. Press and hold the set-up button once again for some seconds. (Hope this time it is flashing white)


Suppose it is not flashing white. You should contact the service provider as soon as possible.

The Top 9 Ways To Not Lose Your AirPods

It is so frustrating to lose AirPods. No one wants to spend further time and money to find the lost or buy a new pair of AirPods. So, you should know some ways not to lose your AirPods again and again.

Keep your AirPods immediately in the case when it is not using.

Choose one or two places where you will keep your AirPods.

Always turn on the option “Find My” on your Apple device.

Make your AirPods wired. Here, you need to cut off an old wire and tap the ends to a pair of AirPods.

Use ear hooks/ silicone Earbud Covers.

Can use colorful case cover.

Again, you can use athletic tape to secure the pods onto your ear. This will prevent them from falling out.

Silicon Connector can also be used here.

More importantly, it would help if you were careful.



I have seen many people facing this problem. As I also had faced this same problem, I thought to help you all by giving all the necessary information. These would be enough to reduce your worry.

Maybe I could help you with all the necessary pieces of information.

Thanks for reading this article.

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