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Why Did Apple Remove The Headphone Jack?

Phone without a headphone jack! Doesn’t it seem unbelievable to you? But Apple has shown us the courage of leaving the headphone jack behind.

Are you curious about knowing the whole story? I am not letting you be curious anymore. Let’s know the details.

When Apple Removed The Headphone Jack?

It was in the year of 2016. Apple introduced the iPhone 7 to us, which does not have any headphone jack.

iPhone 7 arrived with a beautiful jet back color, a dongle, and a solid-state home button.

I guess you are thinking, why did Apple remove the headphone jack? Then stay with me. I am trying my best to give your answer.

Why Did Apple Remove The Headphone Jack?

Let’s get down to the depth about the reasons for removing the jack.

Saving Space

Considering the whole thing about removing the jack, the biggest reason has been found. It is that a headphone jack occupies a larger space where every cubic millimeter is important. 

The headphone jack only does a single thing. We can only connect headphones through the headphone jack.

So, having an extra physical part that does not add any benefits to the phone is a waste of space.

Maybe you are curious about how Apple made more money with this decision, right? Don’t worry! Have a look below.

Earning More Money

It was a trick of Apple that they wanted to create a lucrative market for wireless products like AirPods. 

As the headphone jack was removed, it’s simple that people were compelled to buy any wireless alternative. It helps them to earn more money by selling more expensive wireless headphones.

Don’t you want to know how eliminating the headphone jack makes their devices water-resistant? If so, then take your eyesight below.

Making The Devices Water Resistant

Through the old-style headphone jack, water gets inside easily and makes the device less waterproof. It destroys the motherboard. Every device since iPhone 7 has IP67 or better waterproof ratings.

Avoiding The Tangling of Headphones

Are you tired of tangling headphones?

You do not have to deal with your tangled headphones when keeping them in your pockets or bags. You won’t face the annoyance of wired headphones.

Removing the headphone jack makes the audio quality better. Now, we will know the process in brief.

Audio Quality

The headphone jack is quite old-fashioned. It means your listening is limited to the analog signal transmission abilities. 

But with AirPods, we can hear the sound in digital form. It will be free from noise interference making the audio quality better. You can enjoy listening to music in premium quality.

They also wanted to give their device an elegant look. But how? Let me show you now.

Making Thinner Devices

The headphone jack makes a device thicker. They wanted to give it a smart and thinner look by removing the headphone jack.

As removing the headphone jack allows Apple to make better products, they want this trend to exist.

Now, some questions may arise in your head.

-What new thing does Apple introduce in place of the headphone jack?

Apple introduced AirPods in place of headphones.

– Is it worthy or not?

The answer is yes.

Let’s go to a further discussion about it.

Solutions Apple Has Brought For Us

Apple showed their innovative idea by introducing AirPods alongside the iPhone 7. Within the shortest time, they became very popular among people. They were sold as fast as they could stock them.

Apple provided a wireless experience that was not possible before.

Apple brought a wireless charging system in the next year of introducing the iPhone 7. This feature appears in iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

But still, people could not just keep faith in Apple. They were not ready to buy Airpods by spending quite an expensive amount.

But things were different. Apple proved everyone wrong.

They introduced AirPods in an excellent innovative design that is much better compared with the old wired headphone.

We can get some extra facilities in these AirPods that we could not find in the age-wired headphones. The extra features are –

-Easy synching.

-Smart ear detectors.

-They had extended battery life.

-Sound quality is best while listening to music or doing other activities.

An important fact is that every other phone company or phone maker wanted to provide the same wireless experience, but only Apple dared to execute this plan.

Knowing about the alternative option Apple has brought for us, you may think that

– Are there only benefits?

– Don’t people face any problems because of it?

Well, every new thing has both positive and negative sides. Let’s know about the problems we may face using a wireless accessory.

Problems You May Face Without Headphone Jack

As the headphone jack is gone, we have to use wireless AirPods, earbuds, or other small accessories.

Don’t you think we face some problems using them? I have mentioned some common issues. Have a look below.

  • Worrying about charging
  • Getting lost easily
  • Falling out gently

Let’s know the ins and outs of these points.

Worrying About Charging

We could just go out taking the headphones back then. Now, anything wireless means worrying about its battery, worrying about the charging. Is the battery charged at this moment or not? You may forget to get it charged before going out.

Getting Lost Easily

It is very much possible for a tiny thing to get lost in a purse or bag while carrying them. You may even lose it in a crowded place.

Falling Out Gently

It may fall out from the ears very easily while walking, exercising, or doing other activities. You can not even notice as it is a miniature or a little thing.

Don’t you feel comfortable with this trend? Nothing to worry about at all.

Now we will know about the ways for the people who somehow couldn’t get used to this new fashion.

Solutions For The People Who Couldn’t Get Used To This Trend

You may still feel that your life is measurable without headphones. Somehow you cannot just cope up with this new trend. In that case, I can mention some handy products that will help you to survive. They are:

  • Bluetooth Headphone
  • Lightning or USB-C headphone adapter
  • Bluetooth adaptor for your wired headphone
  • Bluetooth receiver for your stereo

Apple appeared to be the biggest winner after removing the headphone jack.

Now you may want to know- will Apple bring the headphone jack back in their phones? Okay, I am always here with you. I am answering your question below.

Will Apple Bring Back The Headphone Jack?

It seems that they don’t. Their older models do have a headphone jack.

Still, after introducing iPhone 7 without a headphone jack, their following devices like-

  1. iPhone 7 Plus
  2. iPhone 8
  3. iPhone 8 Plus
  4. iPhone X
  5. iPhone XS
  6. iPhone XS Max
  7. iPhone XR
  8. iPhone 11
  9. iPhone 11 Pro
  10. iPhone 11 Pro Max
  11. iPhone 12
  12. iPhone 12 Pro
  13. iPhone 12 Pro Max

All these iPhones don’t have any headphone jack.

Instead, they have advanced camera quality and long battery life.

Do you know Samsung also wanted to follow this trend of Apple?

Let’s know the facts behind this.

Samsung About Removing The Headphone Jack

They started stripping off their headphone jack from their flagship smartphones in 2020 though they expanded their budget.

Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S20, and Samsung Galaxy S20 FE have been brought without the headphone jack.

What do you think their reasons were?

Reasons Shown By Samsung About Ditching The headphone Jack.

Their intention was not to take people towards wireless headphones trends. They just didn’t want to keep removable batteries in their advanced and high-end smartphones. They tried to provide an extended battery life.

You may feel curious about the aftereffect of removing the headphone jack till now, right? Okay, let’s know.

Reaction After Removing the Headphone Jack

Well, definitely, it was shocking to everyone at first. Most people were at a loss about what to do with devices without a headphone jack.

Later our present world proves that it was the right choice.

The benefits of removing the headphone jack wipe all the negative thoughts, and it creates a path to other innovative ideas as well.

They claimed that they were not at all design-oriented. Instead, it was the start of a new strategy that was convenient, simple, and joyful.

Now, what message could we get after reading the whole article?

Apple started taking a step toward the wireless future, and I think we should adopt this trend to keep pace with the changing world quickly.

Last but not least, we can say that Apple has given us the experience of a wireless, tech-friendly, and carefree world.

Thanks for reading this article.

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