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Trials For Headphone Quality Test

Most of the people complain about the quality of their headphones after buying them. You are using headphones for a long time, but you are not satisfied with the quality.

Are you confused about the testing procedures of a headphone before buying it? I guess I can help you to solve this problem.  

Today I will discuss the problems people are facing related to buying the best quality headphones. I will try my best to give a proper solution to this.

Let’s discuss the most common problem first. After buying headphones, you often see that either the right or left side speakers may not work correctly. The sound may be absent on the right side or on the other one. So, it is essential to check it well at the very beginning.

Let’s know about some more trials for the headphone quality test. They are:-

  1. Headphones’ left-right test
  2. Building quality
  3. Sound quality test
  4. Headphone delay test
  5. Sound leakage test
  6. The binaural test

I hope it will help you to buy the best quality headphones.

Okay, you should know about the headphone left-right test first.

Headphone Left Right Test

There is an application for the android phone which is called Left Right Stereo Test.  You can simply download it to your system or device and check the left and right sides. It will indicate which side is right and left when you open the app after connecting the headphone.

Maybe you are thinking about what you should do with your iPhone. Okay, don’t worry. I also have an app for the IOS version.

You can use the app Headphone Check and test it with the same procedure.

These apps are the quickest way to conduct a left-right test of headphones.

The incredible thing about these apps is they are free of cost.

Also, there are some songs which are best suited for testing left and right side of headphones. Some of them are:

  • Seven Nation Army-The White Stripes
  • Titanium-David Guetta
  • A Thousand Years.

Headphone quality also may depend on the building materials of it. High-quality building materials ensure the high durability and longevity of a headphone. So, let’s go for further discussion.

Building Quality Of Headphones

The best quality headphones are well structured and well-featured. You can simply judge it from the outer view. The looks of an excellent quality headphone will obviously make you happy instantly after seeing it.

Let me add something here. An attractive look does not always mean that the headphone is quality full, but most of the good headphones have nice looks and features.

Headphone Quality Test

You can even feel the premium quality just after touching a good one.

Fitting and wiring are the two important facts of building quality of headphones. Now you can know about it.

Fitting And Wiring Of Headphones

A good quality headphone must be well fitted into your ears or head. At the same time, it will be wired accurately; The joining points are also vital in a good quality headphone.

Moreover, the sound quality of headphones depends on the quality of the wiring.

I guess you are eagerly waiting to know about the most essential thing. That is a headphone sound quality test.

Headphone Sound Quality

This sound quality test is basically a combination of several trials. We can evaluate following issue:

  • Bass And Treble Frequency Test
  • Soundstage Test
  • Imaging Test

The most important thing related to headphone sound quality is the speakers. The better the speakers, the better is the sound quality.

Do you think that sound quality only depends on the speaker? Now I will help you to know some more necessary trials related to sound quality tests.

Bass And Treble Frequency Test

There is no fixed definition or range for bass and treble frequency response, By roughly saying that bass mainly ranges from 20 to 300 Hz and the treble is anything above 4KHz.

But I can say that, If you can listen to the music at 20 Hz, then the headphone is best at the bass response.

Cypress Hill-Insane in The Membrane is the perfect song for you if you want to examine your headphone’s bass power. You can enjoy every beat of this song when your headphone is good at the bass response.

A better-quality headphone produces the highest frequency of the audio source. The audio sound becomes dark and may lack in detail when the good treble is absent in a headphone.

Soundstage Test

Soundstage allows you to hear or imagine the location of the sound source. You can feel the instruments’ presence or the sound source when your headphone’s soundstage is of high quality. It is not the instinctive quality of the audio content; a good headphone should create it.

About 95% of people spend money frequently on low-quality headphones as they don’t know about headphones’ testing methods.

Do you want to test your headphone’s sound stage? Then the song Four Rows of Jacks-Mannheim Steamroller is the song you will look for, or you can watch the video of any live concert to feel the sound stage.

Now we will discuss about the imaging of headphones.

Imaging Test

It is not as important as the others. The average listeners can not even notice some aspects of imaging. They are hard to see. Imaging is the instinctive quality of audio content, and a good headphone must recreate them.

You can use a song to test the dynamic response of your headphone. It is All Long the Watchtower-The Jimmy Hendrix Experience.

Hunger Florence and the Machine is another song that will help you to evaluate how clear and details your headphone sound quality is.

Then, if you want to test the background detailing of your headphone sound, I have a song for you. 7 Fall Out Boy-Just one Yesterday, this will sound like a concert in the best quality headphone.

Like all these mentioned songs, you can choose different songs to conduct other tests for your headphone, which will help you find the best one.

Headphone Delay Test

We can run a headphone delay test by simply using an application which is called Headphone Delay Test. Download it to your mobile phones, laptops, computers. See the differences between when the soundtrack starts and when the sound actually comes out of the headphone.

Headphone Sound Leakage Test

To carry on your headphone sound leakage test, you may seek help from your friend. He or she has to wear the headphone with a well, tight fit and proper ear tips. Then you can play the soundtrack and increase the volume. Very soon, you can notice whether the sound comes out of the headphone or not. This should be done in a calm and quiet room.

Binaural Test Of Headphones

Firstly, to conduct this test, you have to listen to the sound, and then you have to record the same thing. Now play the recorded version and listen to it with the headphone. If the recorded one is similar or very close to the original track, then your headphone may pass the binaural test.

So, from the above discussions, we could learn about the details of testing a headphone. I hope you have enjoyed reading it and most importantly you won’t ever face a problem in buying good quality headphones.

After going through this article, you can test or evaluate a headphone properly by following my instructions before purchasing it.

Then you will never be disappointed.

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