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Why Do Pro Gamers Wear Earbuds and Headphones?

Are you passionate about online gaming?

The excitement is on another level with every footstep of each player while on the virtual battleground. 

These games take over the world in the blink of our eyes.

Now, most people love online gaming, especially teenagers. Even some grown-up people enjoy these sports too.

I watch eSports tournaments regularly. I find the gamers cool with headphones on and intensely focused on the computer screen.

But, after some time, I noticed that the players were wearing two headsets.

Why do pro gamers wear earbuds and headphones at the same time?

I was confused and wanted to know the reason.

How about you? Did you know this fact before?

If you didn’t know, you must be curious by now. Right?

Well! Well!

I am here for you.

I will describe all the details of why professional players wear earbuds and headphones together.

Let’s start discussing this topic now.

Why Do eSports Players Wear Two Headphones? Know The Fact!

In gaming tournaments, professional players wear earbuds in their ears and a pair of headphones on top of it.

Does it look like extra precaution? It seems like you are wearing two glasses to enhance your eye vision expecting them to work like a binocular.

Trust me it won’t work like that!

But, in this situation, there is a benefit of using two headsets.

First, you need to know the reason behind using earbuds in online games.

Here I am going to explain it in the following segment.

1. Pro Gamers Wearing Earbuds as Primary Headphone

In a team deathmatch, hearing the footsteps of the enemy is essential. If they can’t hear the sound clearly, they will fail to trace the enemy properly.

As the earbuds sit into their ear canal, they can hear every little sound of the games.

It is also used for communication purposes as they need to hear the conversation of other teammates clearly to plan their game strategy.

Ok. Now you know what the earbuds are used for.

Then, why do they wear the second pair of headphones?

The reason is quite interesting.

So, without any further ado, move to the next section to know the details.

2. The Second Headphone: For What!

The gamers wear high-end noise-canceling headphones on top of the earbud to avoid any interference.

Yes, you heard it right.

As the earbuds are not enough to remove the noise from outside, they use another headphone on top of it.

Do you want to know why they use noise-canceling headphones instead of a regular pair of headphones?

There are several reasons behind it.

I am going to describe all the reasons one by one now.

I. To Avoid The Crowd Noise

Like any other sports, live gaming events also have a huge audience. They keep cheering up for their favorite team.

Professional gamers need to hear every footstep of the enemy to know their position in shooting games.

If they can hear the crowd noise, they won’t listen to the footsteps clearly.

It would also be challenging for the gamers to concentrate on the game too.

Now, I will give you an example.

Do you play CS: GO?

If yes, then you already know the importance of hearing the enemy’s footsteps.

So at the very moment when you are concentrating on your game, you hear someone yelling, ‘’I Love You, Baby.”

What will you do? Of course, you want to see who this precious person just fell in love with you!

Even if it doesn’t happen with you, it is very common in the eSports tournament ground.

Lee Sung-hyeok, known as Faker, is a South Korean professional League of Legend player. He is the first who played 600 games. And, of course, so many girls have a crush on him.

The fans keep shouting to cheer their beloved person.

This type of comment and roaring sound needs to be neglected by the players to pay attention to the game.

And, that’s why they wear noise-canceling headphones over the earbuds to avoid unwanted noise.

Now, move to the second reason.

II. To Block Out Sports Presenter’s Speech

Like other broadcasting, online sports also have live commentary.

The presenter updates the gameplay, like which team is performing well and talks about the players’ strategic position.

So, if the gamers can hear the commentator, then a team might get vital information about other players.

In many massive live events, wearing two headsets is a part of the rule. If any player violates this rule, they will get disqualified immediately.

Since the outer headphone blocks all the sound from outside, the players can’t hear the speech anymore.

III. To Avoid Technical Noise

Every eSports event has a technology team to handle any technical issues.

Sometimes, there is noise coming from the mic and camera crew which can distract the players.

In short, the second pair of headphones is a hi-fi noise-canceling headphone that sits comfortably on top of the earbuds to avoid any sound from outside.


Did you spot a third headset that is hanging around the pro player’s neck?

It’s bothering you. Right?

So many headphones!

Hey, don’t worry. I am here for you to remove all your curiosity.

Take a look at the below section to know the reason.

The Mysterious ‘Third Headset’

Too many headphones!

Doesn’t it look like the players have put a headphone shop and advertising them?

Yeah, exactly!

Sometimes the professional eSports players wear a consumer-grade third headset around their neck as a sponsored product.

Wait! There are other benefits of it too.

If the noise-canceling headphone doesn’t come with a mic, the players use the third headset’s mic to communicate with the teammates.

Do Professional Gamers Wear Two Headphones at Their Home?

By now, you know why eSports players wear two headsets on tournament grounds.

Then, what about at home?

Do they wear earbuds and headphones together?

There is no way they need to wear both at home unless they have a super annoying noisy environment.

What about you?

Do you have someone super annoying in your house who keeps shouting all the time?

Yeah, we all have this kind of person around us, especially our siblings, who constantly drop by our room to bother us.

So, do not forget about the secondary headphone to avoid this irritating noise.


Here, we are at the closing part of our discussion.

Why do pro gamers wear earbuds and headphones? By now, you already know the answer. Don’t you?

Anyway, two headphones are required if you are playing in a noisy place. But only a good pair of over-ear noise-canceling headphones can do a better job too.

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