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Palm Is Back Again, But Not with A Phone; It’s A Pair of True Wireless Earbuds

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Palm announced its last product in 2019, which was the tiny Palm Phone.

After around two years, it is announcing its latest new product.

However, surprisingly, it is not a phone, but a pair of true wireless earbuds called the Palm Buds Pro.

These earbuds have been available to pre-order for $99 in the US starting from 26 October 2021, but after the pre-order period, the cost will increase further to $129.

Palm Is Back Again, But Not with A Phone; It’s A Pair of True Wireless Earbuds
Image Credit: Palm

According to the Palm Ventures Group, its manufacturer isn’t TCL, that made the Palm Phone, but it is Palm itself. Palm developed these earbuds with support from suppliers based out of China.

From an FAQ page, it can be known that its leadership includes the designers of Beats by Dre and Samsung’s most popular headphones.

Equipped with 10-millimeter drivers, the Palm Buds Pro features noise cancellation along with transparency mode, up to 4.5 hours of battery support with active noise cancellation on (switching it off can extend it to 5.5 hours).

You will get more than 24 hours of playback time with the provided charging case.

It also comes with an IPX4 rating and three microphones on each earbud that can cancel environmental noise.

In the US, Mexico, and Canada, you can pre-order them on Palm’s website at this moment.

The shipping will start from early November.

A silicone case accessory is also available in three different colors (Shadow Black, Rose Pink, and Navy Blue) to order. You can get it at $15 during the pre-order period. But after that, the cost will be increased to $25.

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