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How to Make Earbuds More Comfortable? A Complete Guide

It’s an irritating experience when you feel uncomfortable wearing your earbuds.

They keep falling out, make your ear canal itchy, and you can’t hear the sound properly too!

Why do all these things even happen? How to make earbuds more comfortable?

Am I right to guess all the questions that are on your mind?

I think so.

You know what, I used to feel pissed off while wearing my earbuds. But now I know how to wear them comfortably.

What about you? Do you also want to know that?

Okay, I will let you know everything as I don’t want you to be hanged up with a pair of earbuds that hurts you.

So, without wasting your time, start to go through this article now.

Some Ways to Make Earbuds More Comfortable

First, you need to know the perfect way of putting them inside your ear. 

1. Wear Earbuds Correctly

Who doesn’t know how to wear earbuds? Right?

But trust me, some people play push and pull with their earbuds.

It would be best if you squeezed the foam ear tips before inserting them into your ear canal.

The foam will automatically expand after getting into the ear and give you a proper seal. It will help the earbuds get suctioned inside.

When you don’t squeeze the foam, you will feel trouble inserting the earbuds inside and will end up hurting your ear.

You will also feel discomfort if you push them way deep inside the ear canal.

I will say you should be gentle while inserting them.

Earbuds have ‘L’ & ‘R’ marked on them to guide on which bud goes into which ear.

But many people ignore the fact and wear them incorrectly.

Move on to the next part to get a precise idea about it.

2. Follow The Mark ‘Left’ & ‘Right’ While Putting The Earbuds

As most earbuds are designed to fit your right and left ear specifically, they naturally won’t go into your ear if you put them wrong.

Imagine a situation where you put your shoes on your wrong foot.

You will look like a clown trying to make people laugh with your unique test of putting things in the wrong way.

Now, put the left-marked earbuds to your left ear and the right-marked one to the right ear.

The size of earbuds does matter a lot in terms of comfortability.

Won’t you agree? Then, have a look at the next point.

3. Choose The Perfect Size of Earbuds for You

Earbuds come in different sizes to fit people with various ear shapes.

Yes, you heard it right.

If you buy an earbud that doesn’t fit you, then there is no way you will feel better while wearing them.

You may keep trying to adjust them into your ear canal, but in the end, it won’t make them comfortable.

I suggest you try the earbuds before buying and get the perfect size that sits into your ear perfectly.

If you ignore this fact while purchasing, then your earbuds will never stay in your ear.

They will keep falling from your ear if the size is small for your ear.

And, when the earbuds are big for you, they will be too tight to fit in your ear.

In both situations, you will feel irritated.

Choosing the right kind of ear tips is also necessary, like the size.

Check out the next segment to get a precise idea of ear tips.

4. Ear Tip Materials and Shape Matters too!

It’s possible that even after getting the perfect size of earbuds, it still feels uncomfortable.

The problem can be the ear tips material.

Perfectly fitted ear tips give your ear a good seal, and you will be able to enjoy your music peacefully.

Foam and silicone ear tips are the most popular ones. I will give you a short brief on these two ear tips so that you can choose which ear tips are suitable for you.

a. Foam Ear Tips

If you are a sweaty person or love to exercise, foam ear tips are better for you.

Foam ear tips are available in one shape to fit all. Try them out before buying.

You can also put a moisture-proof cover on your foam tips to make them comfortable to wear.

But, it may happen that the foam tips don’t give you a proper seal or feel tight to your ear canal.

In that situation, you can go for the silicone ear tips.

b. Silicone Ear Tips

Everyone has a different shape of the ear canal.

In that case, you can try silicone ear tips. They provide different shapes that you can try out to see which one does fit you properly.

When you have a small ear canal, you need to be extra careful when choosing your ear tips.

Silicone earbud tips are available for small ear canals too, so you no longer need to worry about it.

Wingtips help the earbud not to fall from the ear. It rests against the triangular shape of the ear and gives you a secure fit.

There is a problem with silicone ear tips which is, it’s prone to sweat and moisture. 

So, there is a chance that they will slip out from your ear canal.

I have an article on Silicone vs foam ear tips, where I discussed all the positive and negative impacts of using them.

You can check it out to get an idea of which one will suit you the most.

Still, there is a chance that you will not find perfect ear tips for you.

What will you do then? Hey, you don’t need to worry as I have another solution for you.

5. Customized Ear Tips

Some people have unique ear shapes, and none of the foam or the silicone ear tips fits them.

For them, customized ear tips are the only solution.

Many companies provide customized ear tips according to your ear shape. Just opt for that, and you will get a perfect earbud for you.

Now, what if you follow all the instructions I provided you and still feel uncomfy with your earbuds?

Then maybe you are doing something wrong!

There is a chance that you are not maintaining your earbuds properly.

Do you even know cleaning the earbuds is essential for good hygiene?

Well, if you have no idea what I am talking about, then my upcoming part of the article will help you clear your mind.

6. Maintaining Proper Hygiene Is Important: Know The Fact!

Tell me something.

Do your earbuds make your ear itchy?

If yes, then maybe you are not cleaning them regularly. Earbud tips get dirty from your ear wax.

And when you put in dirty earbuds, there is a probability that you will get an ear infection from it.

Take a washcloth with rubbing alcohol and softly wipe out the dirt from your ear tips.

It can cause an itchy feeling and also can give you a burning sensation in your ear.

It would be best if you clean the ear tips from time to time to avoid this situation.

We have an article which you can follow to clean your ear tips and headphone earpads.

But, there is another reason why your ears get hot when you wear your earbuds.

7. Stop Wearing Your Earbuds for A Long Time

Earbuds sit inside your ear canal and seal them completely. When you wear them for a long time, the temperature inside your ear keeps rising.

And that’s why your ear gets hot after a particular time.

There is another reason behind this which is loud music. If you love to hear music with high volume, the ear gets irritated, and you will feel uncomfortable.

So, even if you own a perfect pair of earbuds that have an ideal fit, you should not wear them for an extended period.

Experts suggest that wearing earbuds for 60 minutes (maximum) with 60% volume is safe for your hearing.

Now, I have another trick that you can try out.

However, this is especially suggested for the people who live in cold countries.

Want to know what it is?

Then jump into the following part.

8. Wear An Ear Warmer

Ear warmer headbands are popular among people who like to exercise and run with earbuds on.

For wireless earbuds or Airpods, it also protects them from falling and holds them in place.

I suggest you buy a warmer that is not too tight for you to make them comfortable.

However, you can only wear it during the winter season as it will be troublesome to wear during the hot and warm seasons.

9. Use A Clothing Clip To Hold The Wire!

Are you confused by the title?

Well, let me describe it first.

Sometimes the wire of our earphones is made with heavy material, and when it hangs around, it may fall out or loosen.

To handle this cable, you can clip the wire with your shirt or cloth. It will also help to stabilize the cable movements.

And when the cable stays stable, there will be less momentum that will transfer to your ear.

Still, the earbuds or Airpods may hurt your ear for some unknown reason.

In that situation, you can try out the alternatives of Airpods, which is a headphone.


Till now, I have given you all the information on how to make earbuds more comfortable.

And I hope all these methods will help you get rid of the discomfort you have been facing with your earbuds.

And finally, have a good day.

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