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Top 10 Best Gaming Headset For Glasses Wearers

‘How to wear headphones with glasses comfortably?’

Have you ever searched for it on Google? Then you must be a glass user and frequently use headphones.

Maybe you always face difficulties or discomfort handling them together.

Am I right?

The best solution to this problem is having a glasses-friendly headset.

As a result, you can avoid the unnecessary hassle of making your headset comfortable with glasses.

This write-up will help you more if you love gaming and also cannot go a single day without glasses.

Therefore, to make your gaming time more enjoyable and comfortable, you can go through my review of 10 best gaming headset for glasses wearers.

Best Gaming Headset For Glasses Wearers: Exclusive Review

I have selected 10 top-rated glasses friendly gaming headsets. You will find both affordable and expensive ones on the list.

Well, before going to the details, get a sight of the below table.

Name Overview Our Ratings Details
Top Recommendation
Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset
  • Frequency Response: 12 Hz – 28 kHz.
  • Driver Size: 50 mm.
  • Battery Life: Up to 24 hours.
  • Weight: 0.71 pounds.
Best Xbox One Headset For Glasses
Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset
  • Driver Size: 50 mm.
  • Battery Life: Up to 20 hours.
  • Charging Cable: USB-C.
  • Weight: 1.73 pounds.
Cat Lover’s Choice
YOWU RGB Cat Ear Bluetooth 5.0 Foldable Gaming Headset
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz – 20 kHz.
  • Driver Size: 40 mm.
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0.
  • Weight: 0.96 pounds.
Best Overall
HyperX Cloud II – Gaming Headset
  • Frequency Response: 15 Hz – 25 kHz.
  • Driver Size: 53 mm.
  • Impedance: 60 ohms.
  • Weight: 0.52 pounds.
Built For eSports
LucidSound LS25BK Gaming Headset
  • Driver Size: 50 mm.
  • Impedance: 32 ohms.
  • Sound Pressure Level: 97 +/-3dB.
  • Weight: 0.56 pounds.
Widely Compatible
Redragon H510 Zeus Wired Gaming Headset – 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz.
  • Driver Size: 53 mm.
  • Impedance: 64Ω±15% (@1 kHZ).
  • Weight: 1.55 pounds.
Risk-Free Purchase
EKSA E900 PS4 Gaming Headset
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz.
  • Driver Size: 50 mm.
  • Impedance: 32 ohms.
  • Weight: 1.05 pounds.
Fantastic Build Quality
Wage Pro Universal Gaming Headset
  • Driver Size: 50 mm.
  • Connection: 3.5 mm.
  • Weight: 1.19 pounds.
  • Dimension: 9.75 x 9 x 4 inches.
Worth Every Penny
Superlux HD668B Dynamic Semi-Open Headphones
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz – 30 kHz.
  • Driver Size: 50 mm.
  • Impedance: 56 ohms.
  • Weight: 0.49 pounds.
Kitty Ear Design
SOMIC G951s Stereo Gaming Headset
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz.
  • Driver Size: 40 mm.
  • Impedance: 32 ohms.
  • Weight: 11.6 ounces.

Now that you have a short overview about them let’s go for the ins and outs without any further due.

I am starting with my top recommended comfortable gaming headset for glasses.

1. Top Recommendation: Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro is almost the same headset as its predecessor Razer BlackShark V2. Along with the wired connection, now it also uses wireless audio to connect to your gaming platform of choice.

It is one of the best Razer headsets for glasses.

Catch a glimpse of their key specs now.

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

Key Specifications

  • Form Factor: Over-ear.
  • Connectivity: Wireless, wired.
  • Impedance: 32 Ω (1 kHz).
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB SPL / mW, 1 kHz.
  • Driver Concept: TriForce Titanium.
  • Connection: Wireless 2.4GHZ / 3.5mm jack.
  • Cable Length: 1.3 m.
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion.
  • Charging Cable: USB.
  • Microphone Style: HyperClear super-cardioid.
  • Microphone Pickup Pattern: Unidirectional.
  • Microphone Frequency Response: 100 Hz – 10 kHz.
  • Microphone sensitivity: -42 ± 3 dB (@ 1 kHz).
  • Compatibility: PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S.
  • Dimension: 6.5 x 3.94 x 7.88 inches.

These wireless gaming headsets are capable of providing THX 7.1 surround sound. They offer industry-leading audiorealism for in-game immersion by providing accurate spatial audio information.

The specially designed cutting-edge proprietary driver can deliver brighter and clearer audio with rich highs and powerful lows.

The audio always stays synced to your game due to the 2.4GHz wireless connection.

To make it the best gaming headset for glasses, they also paid attention to its comfortability.

The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro comes with a lightweight design with memory foam ear cushions.

The improved density of the foam greatly reduces the clamping force, while a breathable fabric minimizes sweat and heat build-up.


  • Excellent microphone performance.
  • Comfortable and perfect fit.
  • THX Spatial Audio works well.


  • Expensive for wireless.

You won’t get active noise cancellation here, but with special closed ear cups and plush cushions, they can isolate a good amount of noise.

On top of that, the removable 9.9mm mic filter out ambient noise from the back and sides. It, in turn, provides great clarity to your speech.

Overall, it can be a perfect choice for gamers looking for a solid gaming experience without the cord getting in the way.

I guess you already understood why I kept it on top. Right?

Let’s see what our next headset can offer us.

2. Best Xbox One Headset For Glasses: Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset

The Stealth 700 Gen 2 of Turtle Beach is the successor to the best premium Bluetooth gaming headset designed specially for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It features Xbox Wireless and Windows Sonic surround sound.

Now, look at the key specs of this turtle beach glasses friendly headset.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset

Key Specifications

  • Form Factor: Over-ear.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth.
  • Color: Black, white.
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.2.
  • Speaker Concept: Exclusive Nanoclear speakers.
  • Battery Type: Lithium polymer.
  • Dimension: 8.54 x 4.45 x 9.57 inches.

Reconstructed acoustics and precision-tuned Turtle Beach exclusive speakers produce realistic sound imaging with crisp and undistorted audio. It brings life to your virtual games.

The amazing thing about this headphone is the ProSpecs Glasses Relief System.

It features an easy adjustment tab to create a small channel in the ear pads that rests against your glasses. So, you can play in comfort with these headphones with glasses slot.

Moreover, with their exclusive Superhuman Hearing sound setting, you can have a competitive advantage.

You will hear all the game-changing sounds, like enemy footsteps, other players reloading their weapon, etc. This intelligent sound setting will elevate great gamers above the rest, defeating everyone!

I played Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 with this headset, and the whole time I was at the top of the world.

Besides, you can enhance your gaming experience with one touch of a button.

It will allow you to access four signature Turtle Beach audio presets, including Bass Boost, Treble Boost, Signature Sound, and Vocal Boost.


  • Simultaneous Bluetooth connection.
  • Metal-reinforced headband construction.
  • High-performance flip-to-mute mic.
  • In-app audio customization.


  • No high-quality codecs.

With all the exclusive and fantastic features, these Stealth 700 Gen 2 will offer you premium comfort. They featured Aerofit cooling gel-infused ear cushions to keep you cool during an extended gaming session.

I was about to keep it as a top recommendation but its limited compatibility pushed me a few steps back.

Well, you will definitely love our next gaming headset for glasses wearers if you are a cat lover.

3. Cat Lover’s Choice: YOWU RGB Cat Ear Bluetooth 5.0 Foldable Gaming Headset

If you prefer kitty style and cannot think of a single moment without spectacles while playing, you can consider this YOWU RGB Cat Ear foldable gaming headset. It will be your best wireless gaming headset for glasses.

The key specs of this headset are given here:

YOWU RGB Cat Ear Bluetooth 5.0 Foldable Gaming Headset

Key Specifications

  • Form Factor: Over-ear.
  • Connectivity: Wireless, wired.
  • Color: Black.
  • Impedance: 32 ohms.
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB/mW.
  • Wireless Range: 10 m.
  • Battery Type: Lithium polymer.
  • Battery Capacity: 1000 mAh.
  • Battery Life: 48 hours without lighting, 3-20 hours with lighting.
  • Charging Time: 1.6 hours.
  • Charging Cable: 1.8m USB-C Charging Audio Cable.
  • Microphone Type: Noise reduction built-in mic.
  • Compatibility: Smartphone, tablets, laptops, desktops.
  • Dimension: 8.66 x 5.12 x 4.33 inches.

YOWU RGB Cat Ear headset is equipped with a relatively better Bluetooth version than the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2.

This gaming headset is featured with virtual 7.1 channel surround sound, which is the basic configuration for gaming.

It will allow a gamer to get more details and freely commute in the game world. In addition, it is essential to achieve the purpose of accurate positioning and the grand sound field in the sense of hearing.

Whether you listen to music or play games, you will always experience a higher sound quality.

The Cat Ear Bluetooth headsets are bringing you the option to enjoy games or music while charging.

Besides, YOWU Headsets adopt a dual-lamp design in their featured app. You can personalize the light color, light mode, and light or sound effects via APP.

On top of that, there is also a built-in music library where you can collect your favorite songs. Even you can set the timer to turn the audio off at your chosen time.


  • Support aptX low latency.
  • Fast and stable connection and transmission.
  • High-efficient encoding for detailed sound.
  • Crystal-clear voice calls.


  • No active noise control.

Moreover, the ear cushions are built with skin-friendly and breathable high-quality PU leather. They will completely wrap up your ears to achieve high-quality physical noise reduction.

This headset is suitable for different types of games and music due to its wide frequency and extensive sound range.

Let’s move onto the next one now.

4. Best Overall: HyperX Cloud II – Gaming Headset

The HyperX Cloud II is an above-average glasses friendly headphones that are perfect for gaming. They have a relatively well-balanced audio reproduction and digitally enhanced noise-filtering microphone.

Now, see their key specs at a glance.

HyperX Cloud II - Gaming Headset

Key Specifications

  • Form Factor: Over-ear, closed-back.
  • Connectivity: Wired.
  • Color: Gunmetal, red.
  • Sound Pressure Level: 98±3dB.
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: < 2%.
  • Power Handling Capacity: 150 mW.
  • Ambient Noise Attenuation: Approx. 20 dBa.
  • Headband Pressure: 5 N.
  • Connection: 3.5mm / USB Sound Card.
  • Cable Length: 3m, including the extension.
  • Microphone Type: Condenser (back electret).
  • Mic Operating Principle: Pressure gradient.
  • Microphone Frequency Response: 50 Hz – 18 kHz.
  • Microphone Impedance: ≤2.2 k ohms.
  • Mic THD: 2% at f = 1 kHz.
  • Microphone Max Sound Pressure Level: 105dB SPL (THD≤1.0% at 1 KHz).
  • Mic Output: -39±3dB.
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid.
  • Dimension: ‎4.33 x 4.33 x 3.54 inches.

The HyperX Cloud 2 glasses friendly headset is more lightweight than the previous YOWU RGB Cat Ear Gaming Headset.

However, they feature 7.1 virtual surround sound like the YOWU ones.

You can enjoy 7.1 virtual surround sound on PC & Mac and stereo sound on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

The HyperX Cloud II will provide high-quality supreme audio and allow you to hear in-game details and get the in-game advantage over your opponents.

No doubt, this headset is optimized for pro-gaming. The closed cup design provides passive noise cancellation so that you can compete at the maximum level.

Don’t think that this is the end. The Internal sound card DSP amplifies voice and audio for the optimal HiFi gaming experience.

Besides gaming, it is also ideal for professional audio environments.


  • Low latency.
  • Quite a unique color scheme.
  • Comfortable and well-fitted.
  • Sturdy build quality.


  • No software support for customization options.

The Cloud II is also equipped with an advanced audio control box. It Includes individual audio and mic volume controls for extra convenience.

Another notable feature of this gaming headphone is 100% memory foam earpads and interchangeable ear cups. They will offer varying sound profiles and different texture options.

Right now, I am going to reveal another gaming glasses headset.

5. Built For eSports: LucidSound LS25BK Gaming Headset

The LucidSound LS25BK is developed for the eSports and competitive PC gaming community. They concentrated on the features essential to show superior performance during tournament play.

Whether you play online or at a tournament, the LS25BK is designed to win, with immersive sound isolation and a specially tuned EQ for competition.

See their key specs in a blink right now.

LucidSound LS25BK Gaming Headset

Key Specifications

  • Form Factor: Over-ear.
  • Connectivity: Wired.
  • Color: Black.
  • Power Output: 70mW.
  • Connection: 3.5 mm.
  • Cable Length: 1.2 m.
  • Cable Feature: A PC splitter cable and another for mobile and laptop use.
  • Sound Space: Stereo, Surround Sound using Dolby Atmos, Surround Sound using Windows Sonic
  • Microphone: Removable boom mic.
  • Dimension: 8.5 x 10.35 x 4.69 inches.

Its compatibility is better than Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Wireless Gaming Headset. You can connect it to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch, PC/MAC, Mobile.

It is a comfortable gaming headset for glasses. They are designed to provide superior comfort during long campaigns.

They are built with soft, glasses-friendly memory foam padding and a flexible, lightweight frame.

Besides, the spacious ear cups will twist flat to rest comfortably around your neck between matches.

The unidirectional mic comes with a windsock to reduce background noise even in louder environments.

In addition, their convenient dual-mic system will allow you to enjoy a crystal-clear team chat.


  • High-fidelity sound reproduction.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.


  • No dual-channel volume controls.

When you remove the boom mic, it will activate a secondary mic, which is ideal for mobile gaming and calls.

What more you can get in this LucidSound LS25BK headphone is the mic monitoring feature. It will let you hear your own voice so that you can adjust the loudness of your voice.

6. Widely Compatible: Redragon H510 Zeus Wired Gaming Headset – 7.1 Surround Sound

Redragon H510 Headset is designed for those who want core features, superior comfort, and incredible sound for daily use.

This headset comes with a free-adjustable headband to match the unique shape of your head.

In addition to this, the lightweight and durable steel frame will keep your head free from extra burdens while gaming or listening to music.

Here are the key specs of this headphone.

Redragon H510 Zeus Wired Gaming Headset - 7.1 Surround Sound

Key Specifications

  • Form Factor: Over-ear.
  • Connectivity: Wired.
  • Color: Black, white.
  • Sensitivity: 110±3dB.
  • Ratred Power: 20-30mW.
  • Connection: USB/ 3.5 mm.
  • Cable Feature: A “Y” splitter cable and a detachable braided cable.
  • Microphone Impedance: 2.2KΩ(max).
  • Mic Sensitivity: -42±3dB.
  • Mic Frequency response: 100 Hz -10 KHZ.
  • Pickup pattern: Omnidirectional.
  • Mic Rated Voltage: 2V-10V.
  • Dimension: 5.98 x 7.28 x 3.54 inches.

The frequency response of these headsets is quite good though it’s not so good as HyperX Cloud II.

Anyway, the H510 Zeus delivers precisely clear audio and lossless sound quality with 7.1 Surround-Sound technology.

It creates a field of immersion irrespective of whatever you do; listening to a live concert, in the game field, or in a chat room.

Not only that, but also you will be amazed with their broad compatibility. Whether you use PC, Mac, PS4, Switch, Xbox One/Series X, NS, or mobile devices, it will go with any platform.

Besides, The USB digital signal processing ensures consistent, high-quality sound with their removable noise-canceling microphone.


  • All platform compatibility.
  • Excellent construction.
  • Overall impressive soundscape.


  • Pretty unintuitive software.

The high-quality mic will offer you the clearest communication between teammates or friends no matter what system you use.

Lastly, you can enjoy a long gaming session with quality leatherette ear pads without worrying about comfort.

7. Risk-Free Purchase: EKSA E900 PS4 Gaming Headset

Do you want an impressive glasses friendly gaming headset but don’t want to spend a lot?

Then you can go for EKSA E900 Pro 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound 2-in-1 Gaming Headset. It is a high-quality budget headset and more advanced than the previous E900 model.

Let me tell you about the key specs before going further.

EKSA E900 PS4 Gaming Headset

Key Specifications

  • Form Factor: Over-ear.
  • Connectivity: Wired.
  • Color: Black-red, black-green.
  • Sensitivity: 105dB +/- 3dB at 1KHz.
  • Magnet Type: Neodymium.
  • Cable Feature: 3.5mm cable, USB cable, and Y-cable.
  • Cable Length: 1.8 m.
  • Microphone Type: Detachable noise-canceling.
  • Mic Sensitivity: -40dB +/- 2dB.
  • Compatibility: PS4, PS5, PS4/PS5 controller, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Laptop, Nintendo Switch, 32-bit & 64-bit Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10/XP.
  • Dimension: 8 x 8 x 3.6 inches.

These EKSA E900 Pro come with a significant driver, which is larger than the RGB Cat Ear gaming headset.

The E900 Pro is available in two different colors and clamps nicely to your head. The frame is built with aluminum, not plastic.

Therefore, it can withstand some abuse.

Don’t worry if you have big hair or a large head. It will fit you so well.

In addition, the soft and breathable oval protein ear cotton can effectively reduce the earphones’ pressure on your glasses effectively.

The 7.1 surround sound is available only on a PC with a USB cable.

You can enjoy an immersive gaming time with stereo surround sound. It will help you with accurate sound positioning, easy identification of enemy position, and avoid a surprise attack.


  •  360-degree adjustable noise isolating mic.
  • Removable dual interfaces wired design.
  • Immersive 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound.
  • Memory foam ear cups for maximum comfort.


  • Not foldable.

This headset also comes with a cool LED Light to bring you a glorious gaming atmosphere.

EKSA always provides the best customer service with a 2-Years Manufacturer’s Warranty and unconditional 30 days money-back Guarantee. Isn’t it amazing?

Now we have Wage Pro Universal Gaming Headset on our list.

Let’s explore its performance right away.

8. Fantastic Build Quality: Wage Pro Universal Gaming Headset

If you don’t have any demands for the very latest in comfort and performance, these Wage Pro Universal Gaming Headsets will do everything that you need them to do.

Even they will do it with great perfection.

Their key specs are mentioned here:

Wage Pro Universal Gaming Headset

Key Specifications

  • Form Factor: Over-ear.
  • Connectivity: Wired.
  • Color: Black-blue, black-green.
  • Microphone Type: Flip-to-mute boom mic.
  • Compatibility: PC or gaming consoles.
  • Earcups: 90° rotating.

You have to spend a bit less fortunes than the EKSA E900 Pro gaming headset to buy this headset.

For the price point, these Wage Pro have a decent frequency range. The bass lacks only a little but not bad at all. Mids and high are good also.

Boasting a wide range of gaming-specific features, the WagePro is ideal for both serious gamers and casual gamers on a budget.

So, your victory will await with Wage.

It should last a while, even in the hands of younger kids.

One of my friends played World of Tanks with this Wage Pro. According to him, the boom mic provided a very good response for gaming.

Besides gaming, you may also use it for online teaching or classes because of the good quality microphone.


  • Lag-free, crystal-clear audio.
  • Offers premium comfort.
  • Well constructed.


  • The sound quality could be better.

In addition to the above, this Wage Pro features a lightweight metal suspension system, adjustable telescoping headband, and ultra-soft ear cushions, and head pad.

So, you won’t face any problem carrying on your long gaming session wearing glasses.

I have already finished talking about the eight best gaming headsets for glasses wearers. Only two are left to discuss.

So, let’s go for them.

9. Worth Every Penny: Superlux HD668B Dynamic Semi-Open Headphones

The HD668B is a semi-open dynamic headphone, and their sound quality is unbeatable for the price.

Look at their key specs in the twinkling of an eye.

Superlux HD668B Dynamic Semi-Open Headphones

Key Specifications

  • Form Factor: Over-ear.
  • Connectivity: Wired.
  • Color: Black.
  • Sensitivity: 98 dB at 1 mW.
  • Max. Power Handling: 300 mW.
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 0.3%.
  • Transducer Type: Dynamic.
  • Magnet Type: Neodymium.
  • Connection: 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm adapter.
  • Cable Feature: 2 detachable, straight cables.
  • Cable Length: 1 m and 3 m.
  • Dimension: 4.17 x 7.4 x 7.87 inches.

Unlike the Wage Pro Universal Gaming Headset, the Superlux HD668B doesn’t have any color option. It has only one color, and the look is very simple.

However, look doesn’t always matter when you get a fantastic service comparing to the price. Am I right?

You can get natural, spatial, and accurate sound with exceedingly authentic voice reproduction. They deliver a balanced, contoured, strong bass and pleasantly and natural trebles.

Also, the soundstage is pretty much impressive.

The Superlux HD668B Dynamic headsets are ideal for listening to all types of music.

It can even meet the demands of professional recording studios. Its patented robust construction provides long-lasting durability even in challenging environments.

On top of that, you won’t face any discomfort while wearing it with glasses during an extended gaming period. The headband is lightweight and is optimized to reduce mechanical pressure.


  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • Cables are replaceable.
  • Relatively cheaper.


  • Questionable durability.

You have already known that the HD668B comes with two cables.

The shorter one is for personal sound source on-the-move applications, and the longer one is for professional monitoring.

The good thing is if you need even more distance, you can connect both cables together to make it even longer.

So, despite the poor build quality, I want to recommend it because of the sound quality and cost.

Let me disclose the last gaming headset that is comfortable with glasses.

10. Kitty Ear Design: SOMIC G951s Stereo Gaming Headset

You can be on a tight budget but don’t want to compromise with the quality and features.

At that time, picking a quality gaming headset can be the toughest.

But what if I recommend you such a great gaming headset, which will make this toughest thing the easiest?

Yes, I was talking about the SOMIC G951s gaming headset.

It is an attractive cat ear headphone with detachable kitty ears.

Let me show you the key specs at once.


Key Specifications

  • Form Factor: Over-ear.
  • Connectivity: Wired.
  • Color: Pink, Black, Purple.
  • Sensitivity: 115 dB.
  • Connection: 3.5 mm.
  • Cable Length: 1.5 m.
  • Mic Pickup Pattern: Omnidirectional.
  • Mic Impedance: 2.2 k ohm.
  • Mic Sensitivity: -38db±3 dB.
  • Dimension: 10.31 x 8.58 x 4.41 inches.

It is one of the cheapest glasses friendly gaming headsets you can possibly find in the market.

Not only gaming, these cat ear headphones have a handful of features that make them ideal for general use also.

It is compatible with multiple platforms. The SOMIC G951s supports PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, laptop, iPad, iPhones, and other devices with a 3.5mm jack.

These G951s headsets are crafted for long gaming sessions.

They come with a lightweight adjustable headband and soft, skin-friendly breathable leather earmuffs to offer you play-all-night comfort.

The earmuffs are large enough to provide outstanding passive noise reduction to isolate ambient noise, ensuring less interference.


  • Lovely appearance.
  • High-quality speaker.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Low-priced.


  • Nothing mentionable at this price point.

Their high-quality stereo sound unit ensures accurate sound positioning and clear resolution. You will be able to hear the high, medium, and low frequencies in detail.

Moreover, their flexible 360° rotating microphone will pick up the voice perfectly.

What more you can get is a full-function controller for convenient operation.

All these outstanding features are for you at such a lower price!!

Have you ever imagined it?

Anyway, my discussion on top-class gaming headsets for glasses ends here.

Though I have pointed the top recommendation, you still may not want it for the high budget.

If so, then the following section is for you.

Best Choices

You can purchase one of the following three headsets to have a relatively better experience.

  1. Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset
  2. HyperX Cloud II – Gaming Headset
  3. LucidSound LS25BK Gaming Headset

Let me tell you one thing. What do you think about the choosing criteria of these headsets?

How could I pick them as glasses friendly headphones?

You must be curious to know that.

Don’t worry. Just take your eyes below.

How To Choose The Best Gaming Headphones For Glasses Wearers?

Consider the following facts when buying glasses-friendly gaming headsets:


Both wired and Bluetooth headsets have their upsides and downsides.

To get universal compatibility, you should choose wired headphones with 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm (adapter) connections.

Besides, you won’t face any audio or video lagging in a headset. The sound quality is relatively better too.

On the other hand, wireless headsets have cross-platform compatibility. So, if you play on a specific console, then you can pick Bluetooth headsets for gaming.

With a wireless connection, there is no hassle of tangled wires.

You can also select a headset with both wireless and wired options.

Lastly, buy as per your requirements.

Check The Sound Quality

Sound quality is the most vital concern for competitive gamers, and they don’t want to compromise on it.

The sound profile gaming headphone should be well-balanced with stable high frequencies, balanced mid frequencies, and slightly boosted low frequencies.

They need to have larger audio drivers to focus more on the surround sound feature. Both 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound are perfect for gaming.

This feature can provide a wide soundstage and perfect imaging, which can bring the virtual battlefield to your real life.

N.B. Frequencies between 12 Hz to the max. 28 kHz is ideal for gaming. Anything lower than 12 Hz is too soft and higher than 28 kHz will create noise pollution.

However, 20 Hz to 20 kHz is the perfect sweet spot frequency range for any competitive game.

Comfortability Is Important

Obviously, you will want comfortable headphones no matter what you are doing.

And it becomes more important, especially when it comes to gaming with glasses. You might have to spend a long time wearing it.

Therefore, check the weight, clamping force, adjustable features, and padding. Also, the materials of the headband and ear cups should be considered too.

You can go for soft memory foam or gel-based ear pads inside a breathable fabric.

They can keep the ears sweat-free and put no pressure on or around the ears.

Last but not least, try to choose those headphones that come with some exclusive glasses-friendly features like extra slots for glasses.

How Is The Microphone?

The multiplayer games need constant communication between teammates.

So, a good microphone with noise reduction technology can ensure crystal-clear in-game chats.

But if voice chat is not needed, you may go for headphones for gaming without a mic.

Noise Control System

To enjoy rich sound quality without any interruption of background noise, select a headset that can provide adequate noise control.

Active noise cancellation or just physical isolation, anything is better.

However, consider the loudness around your playing environment to decide on it.

Battery Life

In the case of a wireless gaming headset, you need to consider the battery life.

On average, it is ideal for getting a headphone with 8 to 10 hours of battery life. However, it will depend on how lengthy your gaming sessions are.

You have seen that my listed headsets can support up to 20 to 24 hours.

So, choose as per your need.

Is It Durable?

Do you beat your headphones out of excitement while gaming?

Then your gaming headset needs to be well-constructed. Buy headsets that are built with high-quality sturdy materials.

Sometimes headphones with replaceable parts can be more convenient in this situation.

Anyway, apart from all these, I would also like to suggest one of our existing articles. You can check it for comfortable wearing of headphones and glasses together.

So, it was all about the buyer guide.

I am ending it here.


You have got a broad idea about the listed 10 best gaming headset for glasses wearers all this time. Here I also included how to find the best product.

I hope you won’t face any difficulties wearing glasses with any of these gaming headphones.

Now the decision is up to you.

I always honor your choice.

Thanks for being with me till now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, the Arctis 3 headset is known to be glasses friendly. You can wear them very comfortably with glasses for a couple of hours.

Yes, the Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are glasses friendly. Their earcups are very much well-padded, which can give you a high level of comfort against the frames.

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